Facebook is gender and hetero-normative..

Today I was reading the article “Choose One” and it really got me thinking. On facebook, as well as almost all other social networking sites, assumptions are mad regarding sexuality and gender. The only options that you can be “interested in” are male and female. You can pick one, or both. What about neither? What about ALL genders? The gender options are limited to female and male, and you HAVE to select one. As Max Wilcox says, “I see no need for Facebook to know what is in my pants, but that’s what they ask everyone that signs up.” The world around us is increasingly accepting of a spectrum of sexual orientations and gender identities, but Facebook is still sticking to outdated, problematic paradigms (Rutherford.) Its not only facebook, but applications, tests, and almost anything else you have to fill out. It has always made me uncomfortable seeing the two boxes, and having to choose one. I always wonder, why does it even matter? Why do they want to know? I know people who have restrained from getting ID’s and Driver’s licenses because of the gender factor they face when they do so. For some people, this issue might not affect them at all, but for others it is very emotionally stressful. It is just a reminder of how hetero and gender normative the majority of our society is, disregarding all other identities. I think this is something EVERYONE should care about. Just because you are cisgender and it doesn’t matter to you, this problem affects thousands of others on a daily basis. There is a quote on the Geurilla Feminism page that I think relates to this. “I support safe spaces. Because America is already a safe space for white, cisgender, middle class, heterosexual males, and I don’t fit under all those catergories. Because we may have a black president, but we are not post racism. Because you may have a Gay best friend, we are not post-Homophobia. Because everyone may be created equal, but that doesn’t mean everyone is treated equally. Because privilege exists. Ignoring the  fact makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution.” This is a reminder that being an ally isn’t about comparing your oppression with my oppression, its not about comparing who has it harder. Just because you have been opressed, that doesn’t make you any less responsible for the  marginalization of others. We need to work together, because being an ally is about caring about the issues that affect us, and the ones that don’t, to. What do you think about this? Have you ever thought about gender and sexuality regarding social networking sites? Comment below and let me know!

If only the options could be like this:

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Who needs feminism? I do! Heres why…

I recently found a page on facebook titled “Who Needs Feminism”? I really like it, and it lists a lot of great reasons about why feminism is important. Here are some of my favorites:

Why do YOU need feminism? Comment below and let me know!

Control a woman remote

When I saw this, I was outraged. I don’t know if this is serious, or a joke, but either way I find it extremely sexist, misogynist, and offensive. It suggests that men should be able to control women, which is just straight up sexist. It reinforces the stereotype that women are in a bad mood when they are on their period. HELLO?! EVERYONE is in a bad mood sometimes, so whats with the “turn off” PMS button? I think that the worst are the buttons stop “whining, nagging, and moaning”. This also reinforces the stereotype that women are whiny and that we don’t have the right to assert ourselves. If we ever have a complaint, we are “whining”. I also hate the give me “beer, sex, food.” This doesn’t only make women look bad, but it makes men look bad to. It ALSO reinforces the belief that all men are sexist assholes who want control over a woman. Gender and heteronormative, much? This remote reinforces RAPE CULTURE by having the buttons “say yes, say no, give me sex.” It makes it seem as if women should adapt to mens needs when it comes to sexuality. We can make our OWN choices regarding our sexuality and our bodies. “Cook, clean, leave”. Gender roles? I think so. This whole thing is very stereotypical and sexist and i hate it!

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One of my favorite quotes!

““Swear to god, I can’t stand to hear a woman claim that she thinks like a guy and hates women because they’re all catty. That’s misogyny. The fact that you, as a woman, think differently than how a socially-stereotyped woman is supposed to think is proof that our gender “norms” are fucking us over. Women are not all alike. Some of us like football. Some of us like talking on the phone. Some of us like religion. Some of us are emotional. Some of us speak three languages. Some of us have boyfriends. Some of us have girlfriends. Some of us wear lipstick. Some of us don’t shave our pits. Some of us have kids. Some of us worry we’ll drop our best friend’s baby. Now please stop claiming that you don’t act like a woman. It doesn’t make you a special fucking snowflake. It makes you a perpetrator of misogyny.”

I’m not sure who this quote is by, but I love it!

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Two weeks in!

I haven’t shaved my armpits for 2 weeks, and this is the progress so far:

I will post in another 2 weeks with another updated picture! What do you think about growing out body hair? Do you think that the idea that women should have to shave off their body hair is simply a social construct? Comment below and let me know! (:

No shave November! Or No shave forever…

No Shave November

This is a piece written by my amazing sister, Maddie!


“No Shave November” has long been a popular excuse for many male identified high school and college students to show off their abilities to grow facial hair, and compare levels of “manliness” with their peers. When I was in high school, there was a contest at the end of November during a lunch rally for young men to show off their mustaches and beards, and this past November, a bulletin board in my dormitory building was decorated with different styles of facial hair, and a sign up sheet for those daring to take the “no shave November” challenge. I have never been one to conform to gender norms as I am often loud, interrupt others during intense conversations, and frequently wear sweatpants to class (amongst other things), but since the sixth grade I have taken the time to meticulously shave my legs and underarms to what I thought to be smooth feminine perfection. For this reason I put my name on the list, and beginning November first I stopped shaving any part of my body for four weeks.

Due to the time it takes for body hair to grow, my experience during the first two weeks of November was nothing more or less than physically uncomfortable. During the third week, however, I became more and more self-conscious and found myself wearing increasingly feminine clothing, as to compensate for the fact that I was demonstrating usually “masculine” physical characteristics. This phenomenon highlights the concept addressed in the article “The Social Organization of Masculinity,” when it is said, “masculinity can only exist in contrast with femininity (p.68).” This point is further solidified when the author discusses how the words “masculine” and feminine imply something beyond sex characteristics, and imply a difference in, and classification of, gender (p.69).  Without previous notions of what it meant to be “feminine,” I would not have considered not shaving masculine. The construct of masculinity is further demonstrated by the fact that most men and women alike have the natural ability grow body hair. This shows that body hair does not equal maleness in any biological sense, and that the notion that body hair is not feminine is purely a construct.

During the fourth week of November, my body hair became very noticeable, and one of my male friends asked to compare underarms. Mine were far less hairy than his, and he seemed to be extremely pleased that I wasn’t more “manly” than he was. I found myself relieved in a sense as well, because this comparison reaffirmed my femininity. After this experience, however, I was forced to question: why is appearing feminine so important to me? Why would it be so wrong for me to have won the “hairy armpit” contest when it was a contest after all?

While this interaction was uncomfortable, it is unfortunately not surprising, as “male bodied” people have been told that they are inherently stronger, braver, more active, and ultimately more important by media, their families, cultures, and even medicine and science. The article “Egg and Sperm: A scientific Fairy Tale” by Emily Martin discusses the difference in word choice that is used to describe the egg and sperm during conception. Sperm, which are associated with men, are thought of to be “more productive” than eggs. Martin states: “ It is surely no accident that the ‘remarkable’ process of making sperm involves precisely what, in the medical view, menstruation does not: production of something deemed valuable” (p.10). Martin also cites words from medical texts like “velocity”, “propel”, “fuel”, and “penetrate” to describe male reproduction, while the same acclaimed textbooks will refer to the egg as helpless until “rescued” by a man’s sperm (p. 12). This is information is taught to young adults and teen-agers in health classes and sex education programs, and the vocabulary and medical inaccuracies teach males that everything about them, including their bodily fluids, are “better than” all that is female.

The reaction I received from my female identified friends regarding my body hair was either that of disgust, or in some cases admiration. It surprised me that so many people were afraid of their own bodies, and caused me to question why the removal of body hair was considered attractive in western culture in the first place, as the practice of shaving is not common around the world as was discussed in class. When one shaves their legs, under arms, and in the case of many women, genitalia, they appear more childlike and prepubescent. If a woman is considered girlish in the eyes of man, she is automatically devalued as a mature being.

Although I have since shaved, it was for reasons of physical discomfort rather than a fear of not being feminine. Participating in No Shave November helped me to realize that while I had previously believed that I did not conform to gender roles, my “femininity” was something I was incredibly defensive of. As pointed out in the article “The Social Organization of Masculinity,” the notion that men and woman are physically different and therefore are emotionally and mentally different as well could not be more false, as the construct this idea has created causes women to remove evidence of physical maturity. Emily Martin emphasized the construct by revealing the biased language and medial inaccuracies used to describe human reproduction. As learned in class, shaving is a practice culturally unique to the United States, and I wonder how globalization has spread this phenomenon to other cultures. To me, the growing body hair ended up reaffirming my femininity, because I was no longer trying to virtually emulate a prepubescent child. I am concerned for the women of the world who are being taught that this is the ultimate way to become feminine.



Martin, E. The egg and the sperm: a fairy tale. Chicago: University of Chicago Press,1996

Connell. The social organization of masculinity.

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You Tell Me How To Be a Girl in 2010 by Eve Ensler

Questions, doubt, ambiguity, and dissent

Have somehow become very unmasculine.

Authoritarian maniacs are

Premieres, Czars and Presidents.

Each one is more righteous than the next.

Each town they bomb

Each human they kill

Is done for “humanitarian” purposes.

People don’t own the water in their own village

And they certainly don’t own the diamonds and gold.

Millions are forced to make dinner out of garbage and dust

While Russian businessman and movie stars

Are buying 500 million Euro villas on Cote Sud.

Bees have stopped making honey

People are drilling in all the wrong places

The U.S., Russia, Canada, Denmark, and Norway all claim the Arctic

but none of them seem to care that the Polar Bears are drowning.

They are fingerprinting, photographing our licenses and teeth.

Big brother is now in our phones, our pods, our pc’s

Not one of us feels even a little safer.

New age mental health providers turn

Out to be former war torturers with beards.

And the Pope in a dress showing off his

Ermine trim and cuff

Is telling everyone that

people kissing people they love is the greatest evil.

A woman who tried to be U.S. vice president

believed in creationism

but not global warming.

Why is everyone so much more afraid of sex

than scud missiles?

And who decided God wasn’t into pleasure?

And if the hetero nuclear isolated family is so great

how come everyone is fleeing it

or paying their life savings just

to sit in a room with a stranger and cry about it?

The Iraq war cost nearly 3 trillion.

I can’t even count that high

but I know

that money could have

would have

ended poverty in general

which would have canceled terrorism.

How come we have money to kill

but no money to feed or heal?

How come we have money to destroy

but no money for art and schools?

The fundamentalists now have

billion dollar private armies.

The Taliban is back

but never went away.

Women are burned, raped, bludgeoned, sold,

starved, and buried alive

and still don’t know they are the majority

Water is clearly nearly running out

but even in the desert where there’s serious drought

the golf courses are green and lush

And the swimming pools are full of water

For the 12 rich people who might decide to come.

Special people adopt hand picked babies in far away lands

their flight there cost more

than the babies parents made

this year.

Why don’t they just give it to them?

Slavery is back

but never went away.

Just asked anyone whose been whipped

how deep the legacy

Six million dead in the Congo

and they never made the news

and don’t tell me it doesn’t have

to do with color

and minerals.

Poor folks are dying first

From Hurricanes






And neglect.

Rich folks

Just put up fancier super electrified gates

On their private perfect cities.

Everyone’s having “benefits”

and throwing fancy parties

with lots of swag

so the rich people feel good about giving

away the tiny little bit of the whole lot they have.

But no one really wants to change anything

if you really want it

you have to give something up

like everything

and then those that have, wouldn’t

and then who would they be?

And that’s too complicated

so they write checks

and keep doing the same old things.

Selling change.

Making revolution profitable.

Corporations own everything anyway

even our hippie jeans, memory cells and rain.

Why do so many women leaders look like Margaret Thatcher

And act even meaner?

Why doesn’t anyone remember anything?

And how come rich bad people

Get paid lots of money to give speeches

And poor bad people are tortured

And in prisons?

Is there anyone in charge?

Or is this whole thing spinning out until it explodes

or dissolves?

And if there is something we can do

why aren’t we doing it?

What happened to fury?

What happened to accuracy

or accountability?

What happened to not showing off your wealth?

What happened to kindness?

What happened to teenagers rebelling

instead of buying and selling?

What happened to teenagers kissing

instead of blogging and dissing?

What happened to teenagers marching

and refusing

instead of exploiting and using?

I want to touch you in real time

not find you on YouTube,

I want to walk next to you in the mountains

Not friend you on Facebook.

Give me one thing I can believe in

That isn’t a brand name.

I’m lonely.

I’m scared.

Girls younger than me are giving blowjobs

in homeroom

and they don’t even know it’s sex.

They just want to be popular

and get some respect.

Most girls my age are taking pills

or not getting out of bed

or eating or starving

or getting nose jobs or implants

or getting cut

or twittering away

or covering themselves

or desperate for a way

to be awake without faking

to be alive without freaking

to be serious

to be true

to even think of loving someone

when we’re already doomed.

You tell me how to be a girl in 2010

I say lets go for it

if it’s all coming down.

I say lets speak it

lets fight it

lets right it

there’s nothing to hold on to

if it’s already gone.

They left it to us.

It sucks but it’s true

It’s you and me baby.

This is a poem by Eve Ensler, and I really like it so I thought I would share it. What do you think?

RIP Humanity

Sometimes thats how i feel. That there is no hope and everything sucks. I know that as an activist, that is not a very good attitude to have, but sometimes people are so ignorant, and so disrespectful that I can’t even comprehend it. Yesterday, I watched the C’est La Vie video, and that made me super angry, and now this. What is the world coming to?

A woman who owns the page: Telling Women to smile is sexist on facebook, posted this:

“I want everyone to read something I just wrote to a person who identifies as a trans woman:

You can’t go outside without being harrassed? Why is that? Is that because of feminists or radical feminists or women in general? No. We’re not the ones harrassing you. Who is harrassing you? I bet it’s mostly men. Even to the extent that some women might look at you funny, it’s because of patriarchy and patriarchal social conditioning. More to the point, it’s because of misogyny. Under patriarchy, a man must not be “effeminate” because that wouldn’t be manly, and a woman must not be “masculine” because she doesn’t have the right to lay claim to male privilege.

I’m not the one who called you a sissy boy. Radical feminists are not the ones who called you a sissy boy. You must have us confused with somebody else. In fact, you seem to have radical feminism confused with patriarchy, and that is a major confusion indeed.

In some middle eastern countries like Iran, men who are gay and/or effeminate are actually being diagnosed as “transgendered” and FORCED into having sex reassignment surgery, because the fundamentalist Muslim clerics have decided that it’s OK to get a sex change but it’s not OK to be an effeminate man. And you’re letting them do the same thing to you here in the West. Only they didn’t have to force you. All they had to do was brainwash you.

You can’t go anywhere without being harrassed? You’re afraid for your safety? Well then, maybe now you really do know how it feels to be a woman. And considering the fact that this is what life is like for women under patriarchy, and that there have been *many* recorded cases of men, some who identify as trans and some who don’t, dressing up like women to perv on women in the women’s bathroom–that’s the reason why many women, both feminist and non-feminist, do not feel comfortable with biological males coming into the ladie’s room. And if you actually were a woman, then maybe you would have just the tiniest bit of respect for that.

If you’ve a problem with patriarchy, take it up with the patriarchy, NOT ME. Leave my territory alone.

I’d like to add:

And STOP calling me names like transphobe, cissexist, etc, etc. I was BORN a female, so have some sympathry for ME, for the love of fuck. And stay out of my bathroom. Have some respect. Use all that feminine femininity you claim to have to develop some things like empathy, compassion, and oh, I don’t know, respect for women maybe.”

Okay, so I somewhat understand her point. BUT, she is basically saying that trans women are not really women. And she calls herself a feminist? That is a horrible representation. Trans women don’t choose to be trans to creep on other women, they are trans because their body and mind do not match. Not recognizing someone’s gender identity and perceiving them as their biological sex is close-minded and disrespectful. I was shocked to read this, especially a feminist. Shes saying that she was BORN a woman, so women who weren’t born female-bodied are not real women? People make me so mad sometimes. This really gets to me, because I have friends that are trans women, and they are GIRLS. Maybe if people were more educated about gender identity, crap like this wouldn’t happen.

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The Jordan Effect

Surprising new research shows that almost half of young women between the ages of 18 and 25 would rather have large breasts than be intelligent. A third says that they would gladly trade. To me, this is shocking, but in another way, its not. Its easy to believe in a sense, because of the media, and the way things are changing. But this seems like its going a little to far. Researchers believe that this is due to celebrity culture, and the way a younger audience is influenced by the media and what they see around them. A quarter of the women claimed that having larger breasts would make them “happier”. They believed that men would be more interested in them if they had larger breasts. Why would you want to mess with your body just for the satisfaction of others, rather than be smart and get yourself somewhere in life? The way I see it, when women give in the what they think men will like, they are reinforcing negative body image messages and giving power to a patriarchal society. Why should we go to such extreme measures to change the natural states of our bodies, simply because the media perceives it as attractive? This kind of stupidity disgusts me, I mean its like really? Is this what our society has come to? Its reinforcing the belief that women are good for their looks, rather than their intelligence. To read more about this, go to:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2108293/The-Jordan-effect-Third-young-women-swap-IQ-larger-breasts.html

Image from: http://weheartit.com/entry/21261925

P.S I know it’s kind of hard to tell what this picture is of, but I figured out its a burnt up barbie. #lawl

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