Rape is NEVER funny

I notice that a lot of people seem to joke around about rape nowadays, which isn’t okay AT ALL. I hear people say things like “Haha your totally raping me right now!” and things of that sort. Here are the main reasons I believe rape jokes are horrible and innipropriate:

  • According to UCR (the FBI’s crime stats), there were 92,455 rapes in the US in 2006. 1 in 6 women have been raped, and 33% of men. That means that you most likely know someone who has been sexually assaulted. Telling jokes about rape can bring up horrible memories for people, and you never know who you are hurting.
  • Rape is not a funny joke, it is a violent crime that happens every 2 minutes in the US. Even if you are not around anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault, it is still offensive to many people to joke about such a serious matter.
  • Talking about such a heavy subject in such a funny, light way makes it seem like its no big deal. The reality of it is, it’s a REALLY big deal, and it should be treated like it is.
  • It’s just common sense that traumitizing, stealing, and forcing another human being into something is NOT funny. Is it funny when people die? No. Is it funny when someone gets kidnapped? No. Its the same kind of thing. Should people think its funny when someone is raped, or someone tells a joke about being raped? No.
  • Making jokes about rape and how the person “wanted it” or “deserved it”, is fucked up. Not to mention it can make people who are victims of sexual assault feel like it was their fault.

I know when people say things like this, they are kidding. But in my opinion, it is not funny. Rape is a serious, sad problem. Please have some consideration and respect, don’t joke around about things like this! What do you think about Rape jokes? Comment below and let me know!

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STOP the deportation of Cindy Reyna!


PLEASE sign the petition and read this article to see what you can do! This is unfair and wrong in so many ways! Make your voice heard! (:

The Hunger Banquet

The Hunger Banquet is an activity which shows classism and puts us in a postition we might not have been in before. This is how the hunger banquet starts:

1. You recieve a piece of paper with a colored dot on it, either green, red, or yellow.

– These three colors represent

  • Poor/lower class and working class
  • Lower and Upper middle class
  • Upper class

So basically, the three colors represent:

  • Lower class
  • Middle class
  • Upper class

2. The setup

– In the hunger banquet, there will be a fancy table set up with chairs, for about 2-5 people.

– There will be an area with about 8-12 chairs.

– There will be a huge area for about 10-30 people to sit on the ground.

– The numbers may vary, depending on how many people are participating in the activity, but the idea is: There are not many people sitting at the table, there are more people sitting in the chairs, but there are even MORE people sitting on the ground.

3. For example, if the colors went this way

  • Red-sit at the table
  • Green-sit on one of the chairs
  • Yellow- sit on the ground

You would sit down depending on what color paper you got.

4. Next: The people sitting at the table are helped by a fancy looking waiter, who brings them salad, a nice meal, drinks, and treats them with kindness and courtesy.

The people sitting on the chairs get a plate with a little bit if okay food.

The people sitting on the ground get barely ANY food.

5. The Idea:

  • The people participating in the activity will see how it feels to be in a different socio-economic class and they can’t do anything to change it.
  • It gives a better understanding of classism and uneven distrubution of wealth.

6. When I took place in this activity:

  • I was on the ground, therefore I was a “lower class” person. All I got was beans, rice, and some water.
  • The people in the chairs got an enchilada and lemondade.
  • The people at the table got salad, enchiladadas, sparkling water, and dessert.
  • The waiter was rude to the lower class people while he was walking by to give the upper class people their food.
  • The lower class people went on a strike and refused to eat their food until things were fair and equal.

I hope this gave an idea of how this activity works. Its REALLY powerful, and for me, it gave a better understanding of classism. There were only a few upper class people, who got the best service. The middle class was pretty big, and what they got was Okay. But the lower class was the biggest, and we were suffering the most. We were hungry and after a while we got sore from sitting on the ground. If anyone wants to do this activity, please comment below and tell me how it goes! Thanks (:

“He signed it. We’ll fight it.”

As many of you may know, just this past January, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This now authorizes military detention without charge OR trial. It is unconstututional and unjust! Our rights are being stripped from us at this very second!Without a trial, there is no chance to tell a judge that the government has no evidence.  If you agree that the NDAA should be reversed, go to SPageServer?s_subsrc=SEM_Google_search-indefinite-detention_NDAA_ndaa_p_9703053502&pagename=SEM_NDAA_indefinite_detention sign it to make your voice heard!