This is strike 3, Kate Upton!

Many of you may have seen the video I posted a while back about Kate Upton and how she appeared on a ridiculous Carls Junior commercial, in which she was objectified to sell the food.

Next, she appeared in ANOTHER commercial! This time, itsĀ  DIRECTTV commercial, and in this one, she is sexualized and objectified as well. To me, this one is even worse than the first one!

What is this? Really? Using a woman’s body to make money on Tv? I think this is horrible.

But then, Kate Upton strikes AGAIN! This time, the truth is revealed that a photo of her featured in Sports Illustrated was photoshopped! Read the whole article here.

I understand Kate Upton is doing this for money, but I don’t get why someone would objectify themself in this way! Its not as much her fault as it in the advertising industry. It sends such unhealthy messages to people of all ages who watch Tv. What do you think about this? Comment below and let me know!



What is beauty?

This is something I wrote during the summer, when I was feeling judged for my lack of “femininity” and my choice not to shave. ENJOY! Image found on: (:

It seems like nobody ever questions what they are doing. Why am I wearing makeup? Why do I shave? Why do I want to be skinnier? Whenever I ask someone to think about these questions, their immidiate response is usually something like “I do these things because thats what girls are supposed to do”. Well, says who? Society. The reason so many women/girls do these things is because of socially constructed ideas of beauty. We are socialized to believe there is only one way to be beautiful. We see it everywhere. So many of us do change, or wish we could change the natural state of our bodies just to conform to what is considered to be the right thing to do.

When we do these things, it is like we are saying it is okay to oppress us in this way. It is okay that we are made to feel like we are not good enough. It is like we are saying all we are good for is “being beautiful”. I am a girl and I deserve respect. I am not my body. I am not my bra size or the size of my jeans. I am not a shade of lipstick. And i am not here for you. I am not here to please you and look the way you want me to look. I am sick and tired of having other girls ask me why I dont shave, or why I dont wear more makeup, or why I dont dress differentely. I dont do those things because, why should I? I am me. I am not a product of the media and the messages I get around me.

I am my own person and I will do whatever I am most comfortable with. I am not my appearence, I am my mind. I am my thoughts. I am my feelings and ideas, not my clothes or my hair, or any other part of my physical appearence. I have a voice and i refuse to be silenced simply because I am a girl. I refuse to be seen as nothing but boobs and a vagina. I refuse to be seen as a sex object. I am a person and I have views and ideas I want to share. I am tired of being looked down upon by girls who think and act the way a socially-stereotyped girl is supposed to. Those girls are not any better than me. I am just as much of a woman as they are. I’m tired of people making a big deal about me not shaving my legs. I am tired of being laughed at. Because you know what? The joke is on you, I am fighting against sexism and stereotypes and I just want to be me. Whoever that may be.

Our gender “norms” are fucking us over, because not all women are the same. We are all so different and we are all so beautiful. I hate hearing girls talk about other girls who dont dress “girly” or dont wear makeup, or dont shave. And saying they are “guyish” or making the assumption that they wish they were a guy, just because they dont look like a socially-stereotyped women “should”. I wish these people would open there eyes and realize that we are not meant to be alike! Being different is beautiful. And beauty is not makeup. Beauty is not long hair. Beauty is not having shaved legs or wearing a dress. Beauty is not your body, but the volume of the soul that it carries. It breaks my heart to see so many girls struggling with low self-esteem or feeling like they are not good enough. Fuck what people say! Your not to fat. Your boobs are not to small. Your not to loud. Your not ugly. Your not to emotional. None of that. You dont need to change. EVERYONE is beautiful!!!! And for someone to come and tell you that your “ugly” or “not good enough” is just so wrong. Because no one has any right to define what beauty is and tell you that you arent it. Everyone has beauty in them. No one has the right to tell you to “act like a lady” or to change the way you look. Because not all women are meant to be the same. You are all so beautiful, i promise.