One of the hugest misconceptions about sex..

I love this video (and Laci Green)! It is informative, educational, and entertaining. Most people I know have the misconception that female-bodied people must “pop” their cherries. However, the hymen is NOT a thin layer of skin covering the vagina, as people think. The hymen simply stretches, it does not pop or break. Re-educate yourself with Laci Green! She makes videos about sex, sexuality, relationships, and more! I hope this was informative!

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Photo of Laci from google images!


How to make sure your relationship is healthy!

Sometimes when we get wrapped up in relationships, we no longer can rationally decide if it is healthy or not. Having a pre-made list of things you MUST have in a relationships, and things you will NOT have in a relationship can help you come back to reality when you check in with yourself and realize that your relationship is not healthy!