Who needs feminism? I do! Heres why…

I recently found a page on facebook titled “Who Needs Feminism”? I really like it, and it lists a lot of great reasons about why feminism is important. Here are some of my favorites:

Why do YOU need feminism? Comment below and let me know!


Control a woman remote

When I saw this, I was outraged. I don’t know if this is serious, or a joke, but either way I find it extremely sexist, misogynist, and offensive. It suggests that men should be able to control women, which is just straight up sexist. It reinforces the stereotype that women are in a bad mood when they are on their period. HELLO?! EVERYONE is in a bad mood sometimes, so whats with the “turn off” PMS button? I think that the worst are the buttons stop “whining, nagging, and moaning”. This also reinforces the stereotype that women are whiny and that we don’t have the right to assert ourselves. If we ever have a complaint, we are “whining”. I also hate the give me “beer, sex, food.” This doesn’t only make women look bad, but it makes men look bad to. It ALSO reinforces the belief that all men are sexist assholes who want control over a woman. Gender and heteronormative, much? This remote reinforces RAPE CULTURE by having the buttons “say yes, say no, give me sex.” It makes it seem as if women should adapt to mens needs when it comes to sexuality. We can make our OWN choices regarding our sexuality and our bodies. “Cook, clean, leave”. Gender roles? I think so. This whole thing is very stereotypical and sexist and i hate it!

Photo from Google Images!

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One of my favorite quotes!

““Swear to god, I can’t stand to hear a woman claim that she thinks like a guy and hates women because they’re all catty. That’s misogyny. The fact that you, as a woman, think differently than how a socially-stereotyped woman is supposed to think is proof that our gender “norms” are fucking us over. Women are not all alike. Some of us like football. Some of us like talking on the phone. Some of us like religion. Some of us are emotional. Some of us speak three languages. Some of us have boyfriends. Some of us have girlfriends. Some of us wear lipstick. Some of us don’t shave our pits. Some of us have kids. Some of us worry we’ll drop our best friend’s baby. Now please stop claiming that you don’t act like a woman. It doesn’t make you a special fucking snowflake. It makes you a perpetrator of misogyny.”

I’m not sure who this quote is by, but I love it!

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Statistics and my Ananlysis of Them

I received these statistics at a group I attend called “Building Healthy Relationships.” The statistics are from the “What is LOVE” Domestic Violence Solutions.

1. 70% of pregnant and parenting teens nationwide expirience dating violence.

My analysis:

  • The abusive partner believes that they can get away with abuse since they are in the process, or are already raising a child with their significant other.
  • Having a child is causing stress and anger.

2. 1 in 6 women have expirienced an attempted or completed rape.

My analysis:

  • Rape can be caused by insitutional tolerance.
  • Misogny and sexism.
  • Internalized misogny and patriarchy.
  • Patriachal society in general ( when referring to hererosexual relationships.)
  • The rapist wants power.
  • They are doing it to make themselves feel better.

3. 33% of men have experienced an attempted or completed rape.

My analysis:

  • Maybe less men are raped than women because of gender roles, women are expected to be “weak and submissive.”
  • Men don’t report rape as often because of pride or embarassment.

4. 30% of teens have said that their partner had contacted them via cell phone or text messages to constantly check in on them, harass, or ask them to engage in sexual activity.

My analysis:

  • It is common for someone who is insecure to worry about their partner, but sometimes people take it a bit to far with the obsessive social engagement.
  • It is easier to harass someone via internet/phone.

5. 50% of people who have been raped have also attempted suicide.

My analysis:

  • Sexual abuse makes people feel extremley insecure and it can lead to self-hate.
  • People who have been raped are more likely to feel depressed and worthless.
  • They felt like the rape was their fault.
  • They couldn’t bare the pain of remembering what happened.

6. 57% of teens of teens have known sexually, verbally, or physically abused in a relationship.

My analysis:

  • Many teens experience abusive relationships/dating violence because they don’t realize what it is happening to them in the moment.
  • Many teens don’t realize what is deserved in a healthy relationship.

7. 25 to 33% of LGBT relationships are abusive, which is about the same as heterosexual relationships.

My analysis:

  • Abuse can happen in ANY kind of relationship, it doesn’t have to be a relationship between a girl and a guy.

I found these statistics shocking, and extremely sad. What do you think about them? Were you surpised? Comment below and let me know!

“If your product was ANY good, you wouldn’t need sexism to sell it”

I am outraged by a recent Hardee’s and Carl Jr’s commercial I saw, which objectifies a woman to advertise a burger. The way I see it, if the burger is any good, why is sexism used to sell it? This is just one example of a commercial which sexualizes or objectifies a product to get people to buy it. I am disgusted! Check it out and let me know what you think!


Spoken Word!

I have written about spoken word before, but in this post, I would like to share with ya’ll some of my personal favorite spoken word artists! I think spoken word is so powerful, amazing, and empowering!

I absolutly LOVE Thick Chicks by Tamara Blue! I watch it every time I’m having a hard time with my self-esteem! It’s a great reminder that being skinny isn’t the only way to be beautiful!

Bridget Gray is absolutley AMAZING! This always reminds me of the sexism and misogny that is ingrained in our culture and music. This is such a beautiful, powerful piece.

I LOVE this!

Spoken word is a way of expression and acceptance. Spoken word isn’t only about feminism and women’s issues, there is Spoken word about all sorts of things, usually involving social or political issues! I hope you liked this! Comment below and let me know who your favrorite spoken word artist is! (:

Sugar Babies

First of all, I will define what a “Sugar baby” is. A sugar baby is a woman who provides companionship and/or sexual relations for a wealthy, older man in exchange for expensive gifts and/or money (according to Urban Dictionary). I have watched Tv shows about Sugar babies, and from what I’ve seen, they are usually girls who get a “Sugar Daddy” or a wealthy older man, to buy them expensive clothes, jewelry, vacations, and luxuries in exchange for companionship. Some girls do it to pay their way through school, and on one show I saw a woman who used multiple sugar daddies to afford sending her daughter to private school. She didn’t want to work so she said that she would live off of sugar daddies for the rest of her life.

In my opinion, girls who are self-proclaimed “Sugar babies” are basically selling themselves. It’s a way to take no personal responsibility for paying for your own things and gaining a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. The thing that I find odd is, most of the men who are sugar daddies choose young girls they find attractive to accompany them on trips and to events. In a way, its similar to prostitution. I mean sure, wouldn’t we all like an easier way out? Someone to pay for everything for us? But does it really make sense to get paid to be “friends” with an older man? I personally feel like being a sugar baby might cause some young women to feel insecure and inferior. Feeling like you can be bought can’t be a good feeling. The whole “Sugar babies and sugar daddies” thing to me, is a way to reinforce sexism, misogny, patriarchy, and low self-esteem in women. Having a man do everything for them can make them feel like they need someone else to do things for them, rather than being independent and responsible.

Some say it’s gross, and others don’t see a problem with it. What do you think? Comment below and let me know (:

  Here is a clip about Sugar babies found on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1tgLAysOAU (:

A L’Oreal poem

This is a poem I wrote about a time in my life. I thought that writing this might help me with the healing process. I haven’t come up  with a title for it yet!

In the beginning

It wasn’t so bad.

An unwanted touch.

Thats normal..


I lost all control as he put his hands on me.

But what can I do?

I’m just a girl, anyway.

His hand down my pants..

I said no, but he did it anyways.

I hear the words “slut, bitch, ugly, whore”

but the days go on and things don’t seem to change.

I struggle to find words.

I am powerless. Alone. Manipulated.

“I don’t like it when you wear that”

“Your annoying me”

These are the words I hear.

I am put down by his power.

Any chance to escape fails.

I’m stuck.

But finally, after months, I find the strength to leave.

To let go.

To stand up for myself for once and say I don’t deserve to be treated this way.

And now?

Its been 2 years.

But the memories eat away at me.

They sit in the back of my mind.

But once again, what can I do?

For I am powerless, compared to you.

I wrote this poem months ago, but my views have definitely changed since than, in a good way. I know i am not powerless! I am hoping to write a poem soon about how I feel about it now! Thanks!