How to support someone who has an eating disorder

First of all, I want to point out that most people assume that only women can develop eating disorders. This is  false. ANYONE can have an eating disorder. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • It is not your fault if the person you are trying to help doesn’t listen
  • The person you are trying to help will likely deny the fact that they have an eating disorder
  • They may try to push you away, and isolate themselves
  • Never GIVE UP on this person

Next, I am going to give a list of DON’TS when talking to someone who has an eating disorder:

  • DON’T say ” Oh, you look so much healthier!” To someone who has an eating disorder, this can come off to them as “You gained weight!” or “You are fat!”.
  • DON’T say things like “Wow, you must have willpower to be able to do this.” or “You look great”. This is encouraging the eating disorder and promoting negative body image.
  • DON’T try to force them to eat right away. You have to start with snacks, and slowly work your way up.
  • DON’T ask things like “Why?”. Eating disorders are complex, and you don’t want to put them on the spot to open up about personal information.
  • DON’T say “looks don’t matter”! To them this may come off as “Your ugly!”.
  • DON’T say “You don’t look like you have an eating disorder!” this sounds like “You look fat.”
  • DON’T get angry at them for having an eating disorder or ever make jokes about it.

Here are some things you CAN do to support someone who is struggling with an eating disorder:

  • Find a time and place you can talk to them about it privately.
  • Make it clear that you are only worried and concerned, and you simply want to look out for them.
  • Provide this person with resources and treatment options.
  • Listen to them without judgement or critisism.
  • If they refuse to listen, tell someone who has the power to take action.
  • If they get angry or upset with you, remember that is it part of their illness and they may be in denail!

I hope this was helpful! Comment below and let me know what you think! (:

Photo from Google Images! Also, replace the word “woman” in this with “person” because anyone can have an eating disorder!



Thinspiration Vs Fatspiration

What is thinspiration/fatspiration? Well, thinspiration refers to the promotion of eating disorders and leading an unhealthy life in the hope of losing weight. There are many websites, such as tumblr, which have “thinspiration” pages, encouraging girls to lose weight. In my opinion, it is beyond gross and horrible. Thinspiration has images like these to “encourage” girls to lose weight:

These images are from: and

In my opinion, thinspiration buys into socially constructed ideas of beauty, unattainable beauty standards, eating disorders, and low- self esteem. How could that make anyone feel good about themselves? Isn’t there anything better to do than sit around worrying about calories and exercise?

Now lets talk about Fatspiration. Fatspiration is a body acceptance/fat acceptance blog. It is meant to show people that they can be beautiful at any size! It shows images such as :

The way I see it, fatspiration is meant to give confidence and self-worth to people that are not unrealistically skinny. But heres the big question:

Is Fatspiration just as unhealthy as Thinspiration?

Some people say that fatspiration promotes leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It encourages people to eat whatever they want and not care about exercise. Some believe that fatspiration is JUST as unhealthy as thinspiration. In my opinion, fatspiration isn’t MEANT to promote living unhealthily, it is meant to help people accept their bodies no matter what their size is. What do you think about it? What are your views on thinspiration and fatspiration? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Comment below or e-mail me and let me know what you think! Thanks (: