An Anonymous Poem

What’s In


Stolen clothing for sale.

Across the world.

Warehouses full.

It’s legal to sell that turquoise coyote necklace, that shirt made of cheap cotton with the geometric design printed on it in that perfect sequence.

The perfect sequence every time- triangles and suns, muted earth tones that imitate the earth.

Love, live, desire, be nature.

Silently, ignorantly, blindly kill nature.

In the name of passing fad, in the name of social acceptance, pretend to be an activist, pretend to save the earth.

Pretend to protect and nurture and heal.

Say you protect and nurture and heal.

Believe you protect and nurture and heal!

Then steal something- something that was never yours, something that stopped being “urban” and stopped belonging to the people that are really meant to be “free”, and give your money to a world dominating corporation.

Thoughtlessly, effortlessly, guiltlessly, give away your money -that could be saving lives- to a company that destroys the environment so they can provide you with the latest in Navajo fashion.

Put their signature on the tag, is if it were theirs.

The sacred designs, the symbols.

They take credit for their history and culture and art, crudely printed using cheap materials, the overpriced jacket hardly doing it justice.

The Navajo, defenseless and proud stand and watch as their culture is snatched away, selfishly and blindly.

But it’s on sale at Urban!

Free People isn’t even bad or anything….

So fight for peace and love and be eco-friendly!

Sport your Kony 2012 t-shirt and your breast cancer awareness bracelet and your “Make Art Not War” bumper sticker!

Get with the program, get with the times, stay up to date, save the earth, feed the homeless, promote positive body image, achieve world peace, cure cancer, end world hunger……

….That’s what’s in right now, right?

Get with the program, get with the times, stay up to date, get an Iphone, watch sexist commercials, play war games, read a magazine about how to fix yourself, purchase overpriced cheap material objects from terrible corporations in the name of style (cause you are so unique), walk by the homeless without making eye contact, buy a “heal the ocean” bracelet that will end up in the ocean……

That’s what’s in right now, right?


Born this way

A question many of you might have is, why does social justice matter? Or, how does it affect me? oppression effects ALL of us in some way or another. We all hold privilege for one reason or another, but on the other hand, we are all marginalized at some point. Being an ally and an activist isn’t about thinking about comparing who has it harder. Its about understanding that we ALL perpetuate harmful stereotypes and generalizations. Weather its for our appearance, sexuality, gender, race, religion, ability, or class, we have all been affected by oppression. Another question you might have is, What is oppression? Oppression is an unjust or cruel exercise of power. Our society gives the privilege to people who are white, rich, heterosexual, cisgender, male people. We should all have the same power and privilege regardless of any of those things. Social justice matters because if we learn about the ways we hold power, we can learn how to be an ally to others who don’t hold as much power, and be a good ally. Its about changing the stereotypes that are klinking around inside our heads, and fighting the internalized sexism, racism, or whatever it is that we have been socialized to turn in ourselves. Have you ever been put down? Or felt bad about yourself because of something that is beyond your control? That is internalized oppression, and on this blog I am going to talk about how to fight it, as well as how to stop judging others, and the little things we can do to make others feel included. Why does social equality matter to me personally? I am a lesbian,lower middle class teenager, and I have a twin brother who has a disability called Down syndrome. For these reasons, I have experienced discrimination. I believe that we should ALL have the same rights, and if we all do what we can to be respectful and accepting of one another, we can make this world a better place!