The problem with skinny bashing

Many of you may have hard of fat shaming, making someone feel ugly, unaccomplished, stupid, lazy, or bad because of their weight. Fat shaming is perpetuating the idea that it is your fault if you are bigger, and it invalidates your accomplishments. I have always been against fat shaming, and I thought it was interesting when I came across an article about “skinny bashing”. Although its great to see that our culture is slowly becoming more accepting towards more full-figured body types, it is NOT good to see skinnier body types being put down. Since our media portrays slim folks as more attractive, worthy,etc, some people have gone as far as to flip this stereotype, and try to make skinny people feel unattractive or unworthy. This totally defeats the purpose of body acceptance and just makes it okay for people to judge eachothers bodies. I have seen this photo all over social networking sites, and I found this photo on google images:

At first I liked this picture, but now I am putting some more thought into it. This photo glorifies one body type to put down another. It is nice to see curvier women being portrayed as attractive, but the skinnier woman is being put down! We don’t know their health. We don’t know who eats the healthiest by looking at them, and we can’t determine that the woman on the right is unhealthy just because she is thin! Instead of putting down a certain kind of body type to validate another, we should be more accepting of ALL bodies.

What do you think about this? Comment below and let me know!


Model Natalia Vodianova explains why its “better” to be skinny

Today I saw an Article titled “Model Natalia Vodianova Explains it Is Better to be Skinny Than Fat, Dummies” on the facebook page Adios Barbie. It made me angry for several reasons. Defending models and their unrealistic looking bodies, Natalia says ” “We eat well, we exercise — please, do the same and you will look like this.”

Um, what? There are MANY models that struggle with negative body image, low self-esteem, and eating disorders in order to maintain their image. All it takes is eating right and exercising? If EVERYONE did that, they would be a size 00? To me, thats bullshit. People have all different body shapes, and some people can’t be that small, no matter how healthy they are. Its ridiculous that she would make an assumption like that. I know many people who are way bigger than her, and they are perfectly healthy people! Your body is not an indicator of good or bad health.  She also said: “I respect my body — my body is my temple. If I eat like a pig, I feel like a pig.” That comment was a little more civil, and somewhat okay. I respect that eating well makes you feel good. However, people have the right to do what they wish with their bodies, and no one deserves to be put down for their body or their choices around their personal fitness and health.

I think Natalia is perpetuating fat shaming, negative body image, and unrealistic expectations of beauty. She is sending out the message that the standard is attainable, and everyone has the potential to look like a twig. That would be false.

This is a photo of Natalia from Google Images. Everyone can look like this? I don’t think so. What do you think? Comment below and let me know!

Top 5 reasons to masturbate

Why am I posting about this? Because it’s considered taboo, and I don’t understand why there should be any shame or guilt around masturbation. It is completely natural and healthy. Here is why:

1. Its relieving- Masturbation is actually a great way to relieve stress and focus on one thing!

2. It can help with Insomnia!- After masturbation, blood pressure is lower and you will feel more relaxed because of the endorphins that are released!

3. It’s good for your health!- Orgasming leads to an increase in blood flow, and it increases your muscles in that area!

4. There is nothing wrong with feeling good! – Thats pretty self explanitory, but whats wrong with feeling good?!

5. You begin to know your body!- When you explore your body, you know it better than you used to! How is somebody else supposed to touch you down there if your not comfortable touching yourself?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with making the decision  NOT to masturbate. Some may feel no desire to, as well as asexual folks. However, people who DO choose to masturbate should not be put down or shunned for it! It is healthy and natural to many of us!

What do you think about masturbation? Do you think its healthy? Comment below and let me know!

Photo from!

Spoken Word!

I have written about spoken word before, but in this post, I would like to share with ya’ll some of my personal favorite spoken word artists! I think spoken word is so powerful, amazing, and empowering!

I absolutly LOVE Thick Chicks by Tamara Blue! I watch it every time I’m having a hard time with my self-esteem! It’s a great reminder that being skinny isn’t the only way to be beautiful!

Bridget Gray is absolutley AMAZING! This always reminds me of the sexism and misogny that is ingrained in our culture and music. This is such a beautiful, powerful piece.

I LOVE this!

Spoken word is a way of expression and acceptance. Spoken word isn’t only about feminism and women’s issues, there is Spoken word about all sorts of things, usually involving social or political issues! I hope you liked this! Comment below and let me know who your favrorite spoken word artist is! (:

Thinspiration Vs Fatspiration

What is thinspiration/fatspiration? Well, thinspiration refers to the promotion of eating disorders and leading an unhealthy life in the hope of losing weight. There are many websites, such as tumblr, which have “thinspiration” pages, encouraging girls to lose weight. In my opinion, it is beyond gross and horrible. Thinspiration has images like these to “encourage” girls to lose weight:

These images are from: and

In my opinion, thinspiration buys into socially constructed ideas of beauty, unattainable beauty standards, eating disorders, and low- self esteem. How could that make anyone feel good about themselves? Isn’t there anything better to do than sit around worrying about calories and exercise?

Now lets talk about Fatspiration. Fatspiration is a body acceptance/fat acceptance blog. It is meant to show people that they can be beautiful at any size! It shows images such as :

The way I see it, fatspiration is meant to give confidence and self-worth to people that are not unrealistically skinny. But heres the big question:

Is Fatspiration just as unhealthy as Thinspiration?

Some people say that fatspiration promotes leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It encourages people to eat whatever they want and not care about exercise. Some believe that fatspiration is JUST as unhealthy as thinspiration. In my opinion, fatspiration isn’t MEANT to promote living unhealthily, it is meant to help people accept their bodies no matter what their size is. What do you think about it? What are your views on thinspiration and fatspiration? I’d love to hear what you have to say! Comment below or e-mail me and let me know what you think! Thanks (: