The problem with skinny bashing

Many of you may have hard of fat shaming, making someone feel ugly, unaccomplished, stupid, lazy, or bad because of their weight. Fat shaming is perpetuating the idea that it is your fault if you are bigger, and it invalidates your accomplishments. I have always been against fat shaming, and I thought it was interesting when I came across an article about “skinny bashing”. Although its great to see that our culture is slowly becoming more accepting towards more full-figured body types, it is NOT good to see skinnier body types being put down. Since our media portrays slim folks as more attractive, worthy,etc, some people have gone as far as to flip this stereotype, and try to make skinny people feel unattractive or unworthy. This totally defeats the purpose of body acceptance and just makes it okay for people to judge eachothers bodies. I have seen this photo all over social networking sites, and I found this photo on google images:

At first I liked this picture, but now I am putting some more thought into it. This photo glorifies one body type to put down another. It is nice to see curvier women being portrayed as attractive, but the skinnier woman is being put down! We don’t know their health. We don’t know who eats the healthiest by looking at them, and we can’t determine that the woman on the right is unhealthy just because she is thin! Instead of putting down a certain kind of body type to validate another, we should be more accepting of ALL bodies.

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The Jordan Effect

Surprising new research shows that almost half of young women between the ages of 18 and 25 would rather have large breasts than be intelligent. A third says that they would gladly trade. To me, this is shocking, but in another way, its not. Its easy to believe in a sense, because of the media, and the way things are changing. But this seems like its going a little to far. Researchers believe that this is due to celebrity culture, and the way a younger audience is influenced by the media and what they see around them. A quarter of the women claimed that having larger breasts would make them “happier”. They believed that men would be more interested in them if they had larger breasts. Why would you want to mess with your body just for the satisfaction of others, rather than be smart and get yourself somewhere in life? The way I see it, when women give in the what they think men will like, they are reinforcing negative body image messages and giving power to a patriarchal society. Why should we go to such extreme measures to change the natural states of our bodies, simply because the media perceives it as attractive? This kind of stupidity disgusts me, I mean its like really? Is this what our society has come to? Its reinforcing the belief that women are good for their looks, rather than their intelligence. To read more about this, go to:

Image from:

P.S I know it’s kind of hard to tell what this picture is of, but I figured out its a burnt up barbie. #lawl

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