Love yourself.. but which parts?

A lot of people say “you should love yourself” and “you should love who you are”. When people say this, are they referring to our looks, our personality, or both? When people talk about self-acceptance, I usually think about body image and confidence. However, lately I have been seeing things in a new light. Sometimes we forget to accept ALL parts of ourselves because we don’t find it as important. I hear people say things such as “I don’t hate myself, I just have a really big nose”. Saying things like this is doing the opposite of practicing radical self love. I saw this photo on the facebook page A girls guide to taking over the world, and it got me thinking.

This photo emphasizes accepting and appreciating ALL parts of our bodies! Parts of my bodies I never even thought about! But they DO deserve the same acceptance and appreciation.

I also came across this Laci Green video about boobs:


Laci talks about how our media has a warped perception about how boobs should look. There to big, there to small. To saggy, to perky. There not the right color. Our nipples are to big or to small, etc. The porn industry specifically as a set idea of how boobs are supposed to look. All boobs are different! This is something I never even thought about, but that part us female-bodied people is just as important to accept!

I also came across this photo on the page, The body is not an apology.

This photo is about accepting your Labia! (If you have one)!

These are things I have never even put much thought into, although I have felt self-concious about these parts of my body, it never seemed to matter.

I am realizing that it DOES matter and there isn’t one right way for our bodies to look!

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Bad Picture Monday

On the page “The body is not apology”, we do bad picture Monday. Bad picture Monday is every Monday! The purpose of it is to post a photo of yourself that you find unflattering or unattractive. That might seem a bit strange.Why would you post a photo of yourself that you DON’T like? Because,

The purpose is to love ourselves and our bodies unconditionally, no matter what. That INCLUDES “bad” pictures, because it encourages us to remember that we have nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of. The point is to practice radical self love !

I LOVE bad picture Monday now! Here are some Bad Picture Monday Photos:


Yeahahha!! What do you think about Bad Picture Monday? Comment below and let me know!

Eve Ensler: Suddenly, my body

Eve Ensler is really inspirational to me, as I have mentioned before. She is an activist, feminist, and writer. Yesterday I watched this video and it brought me to tears, so I thought I would share.

If you like this, you will probably like her website and some of her other videos. In particular, Embrace your inner girl. 


I hope you liked this! Comment below and let me know what you think!

Photo of Eve from Google Images!

A Fat Rant

This video really inspires me! Joy nash is someone I really look up to because she shows that she has NOTHING to apologize for. She is funny, goregous, and smart! Check out her video!

If you liked this video, you might want to check out this  facebook page : The body is not an apology! You also might like Adios Barbie ! Check it out and let me know what you think!

The reason I like sites and pages like these is because they promote healthy eating, positive body image, and exercise. Pages and sites like these show that you don’t have to be thin to be healthy, and they encourage you to feel confident just the way you are.

Do you agree? Disagree? Comment below and let me know what you think!

Spoken Word!

I have written about spoken word before, but in this post, I would like to share with ya’ll some of my personal favorite spoken word artists! I think spoken word is so powerful, amazing, and empowering!

I absolutly LOVE Thick Chicks by Tamara Blue! I watch it every time I’m having a hard time with my self-esteem! It’s a great reminder that being skinny isn’t the only way to be beautiful!

Bridget Gray is absolutley AMAZING! This always reminds me of the sexism and misogny that is ingrained in our culture and music. This is such a beautiful, powerful piece.

I LOVE this!

Spoken word is a way of expression and acceptance. Spoken word isn’t only about feminism and women’s issues, there is Spoken word about all sorts of things, usually involving social or political issues! I hope you liked this! Comment below and let me know who your favrorite spoken word artist is! (:

Tips on: Coming out of the Closet

These are tips I am giving because of personal experience I have had coming out to various people in my life, so I hope it is helpful to some of you. If not, that’s okay to, because everyone’s process is different, but these are some things that worked for me, and hopefully they will work for you to! Some of you may not know what “Coming out” is. Coming out is a process without a distinct ending in which a person gradually becomes aware of, claims, and develops their identity as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, or basically anything that is not cisgender or heterosexual. To me, coming out is letting the people around you aware of your identity. Since I have been “Out” or openly lesbian for about 2 or 3 years, I have some experience with this. Here are some tips on Coming Out:

  • Don’t do it until your ready!- If you come out before you are comfortable with yourself and your identity, it will be harder for others to accept it. Don’t feel like you have to tell anyone until your ready to.
  • Be confident! – If you are confident with your sexuality, it is more likely that others will be okay with it.
  • Be casual- If you don’t want to, you don’t have to necessarily make it a big deal. In my experience, when I’m casual about it and just say “yep, im gay” people are more casual about it as well and its no big deal.
  • Don’t take it to heart–  If you have a family member or friend that doesn’t accept your gender identity or sexual orientation, don’t take it personally. Remember that some people need time to adjust to it, and give them space. It is in no way your fault.
  • Have a plan! – If you think that your family might freak out, or kick you out of the house, have a back- up plan! Have a support system! Friends you can call, or even stay with are helpful to have in this kind of situation.

In the past few years, these are some things I have found helpful with “Coming Out” to everyone in my life. The longer you are open with your sexuality, the easier it gets to let people know. Remember, if someone else doesn’t accept it at first, don’t take it personally, they just need time! Comment below with YOUR coming out story, or tips that you have found helpful with coming out! Thanks (:

Photo from Google Images (: