Love yourself.. but which parts?

A lot of people say “you should love yourself” and “you should love who you are”. When people say this, are they referring to our looks, our personality, or both? When people talk about self-acceptance, I usually think about body image and confidence. However, lately I have been seeing things in a new light. Sometimes we forget to accept ALL parts of ourselves because we don’t find it as important. I hear people say things such as “I don’t hate myself, I just have a really big nose”. Saying things like this is doing the opposite of practicing radical self love. I saw this photo on the facebook page A girls guide to taking over the world, and it got me thinking.

This photo emphasizes accepting and appreciating ALL parts of our bodies! Parts of my bodies I never even thought about! But they DO deserve the same acceptance and appreciation.

I also came across this Laci Green video about boobs:


Laci talks about how our media has a warped perception about how boobs should look. There to big, there to small. To saggy, to perky. There not the right color. Our nipples are to big or to small, etc. The porn industry specifically as a set idea of how boobs are supposed to look. All boobs are different! This is something I never even thought about, but that part us female-bodied people is just as important to accept!

I also came across this photo on the page, The body is not an apology.

This photo is about accepting your Labia! (If you have one)!

These are things I have never even put much thought into, although I have felt self-concious about these parts of my body, it never seemed to matter.

I am realizing that it DOES matter and there isn’t one right way for our bodies to look!

What do you think? Comment below and let me know!



The problem with skinny bashing

Many of you may have hard of fat shaming, making someone feel ugly, unaccomplished, stupid, lazy, or bad because of their weight. Fat shaming is perpetuating the idea that it is your fault if you are bigger, and it invalidates your accomplishments. I have always been against fat shaming, and I thought it was interesting when I came across an article about “skinny bashing”. Although its great to see that our culture is slowly becoming more accepting towards more full-figured body types, it is NOT good to see skinnier body types being put down. Since our media portrays slim folks as more attractive, worthy,etc, some people have gone as far as to flip this stereotype, and try to make skinny people feel unattractive or unworthy. This totally defeats the purpose of body acceptance and just makes it okay for people to judge eachothers bodies. I have seen this photo all over social networking sites, and I found this photo on google images:

At first I liked this picture, but now I am putting some more thought into it. This photo glorifies one body type to put down another. It is nice to see curvier women being portrayed as attractive, but the skinnier woman is being put down! We don’t know their health. We don’t know who eats the healthiest by looking at them, and we can’t determine that the woman on the right is unhealthy just because she is thin! Instead of putting down a certain kind of body type to validate another, we should be more accepting of ALL bodies.

What do you think about this? Comment below and let me know!

Is Facebook responsible for body issues?

Today I was reading an article on Jezebel  titled “Blame Facebook Photo Tagging For Your Weird Body Issues.” According to a recent study, photo tagging over facebook can make us develop insecurities about our bodies due to spending excessive time online. Facebook doesn’t only make people more conscious of their bodies, and every “flaw” they can find, but it also can make folks feel as if they MUST be in a photo every time they attend a social event. Almost half of the people who took the survey claimed that they feel pressured to be “camera ready” when going out to a party or social gathering. More than half of the people who took the survey reported that their friends facebook posts and photos make them jealous! I never really thought about it, but for some people, facebook gets competitive! Instead of using it as a way to keep up with friends and share, it has become a competition, to get the most “likes” on your photo or status. Dr. Harry Brandt, director for The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt, says: “Facebook is making it easier for people to spend more time and energy criticizing their own bodies and wishing they looked like someone else. In this age of modern technology and constant access to SmartPhones and the internet, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for people to remove themselves from images and other triggers that promote negative body image, low self-esteem and may ultimately contribute to eating disorders.” I find this very interesting, and somewhat true! I have found myself looking through someones photos on a social networking site, wishing I could look like them. What do you think about this? Do you agree? Comment below and let me know!

Photo from google images!

Bad Picture Monday

On the page “The body is not apology”, we do bad picture Monday. Bad picture Monday is every Monday! The purpose of it is to post a photo of yourself that you find unflattering or unattractive. That might seem a bit strange.Why would you post a photo of yourself that you DON’T like? Because,

The purpose is to love ourselves and our bodies unconditionally, no matter what. That INCLUDES “bad” pictures, because it encourages us to remember that we have nothing to apologize for or be ashamed of. The point is to practice radical self love !

I LOVE bad picture Monday now! Here are some Bad Picture Monday Photos:


Yeahahha!! What do you think about Bad Picture Monday? Comment below and let me know!

Model Natalia Vodianova explains why its “better” to be skinny

Today I saw an Article titled “Model Natalia Vodianova Explains it Is Better to be Skinny Than Fat, Dummies” on the facebook page Adios Barbie. It made me angry for several reasons. Defending models and their unrealistic looking bodies, Natalia says ” “We eat well, we exercise — please, do the same and you will look like this.”

Um, what? There are MANY models that struggle with negative body image, low self-esteem, and eating disorders in order to maintain their image. All it takes is eating right and exercising? If EVERYONE did that, they would be a size 00? To me, thats bullshit. People have all different body shapes, and some people can’t be that small, no matter how healthy they are. Its ridiculous that she would make an assumption like that. I know many people who are way bigger than her, and they are perfectly healthy people! Your body is not an indicator of good or bad health.  She also said: “I respect my body — my body is my temple. If I eat like a pig, I feel like a pig.” That comment was a little more civil, and somewhat okay. I respect that eating well makes you feel good. However, people have the right to do what they wish with their bodies, and no one deserves to be put down for their body or their choices around their personal fitness and health.

I think Natalia is perpetuating fat shaming, negative body image, and unrealistic expectations of beauty. She is sending out the message that the standard is attainable, and everyone has the potential to look like a twig. That would be false.

This is a photo of Natalia from Google Images. Everyone can look like this? I don’t think so. What do you think? Comment below and let me know!

Children and Advertising

Today, I was reading an article titled “Sex, children, and advertising”.  It got me thinking about the way young people are sexualized in advertisements to get adults attention. In this specific Roger David ad, a young girl is used to attract middle aged men who shop at Roger David. This young girl is made “silent” in this image, which isn’t uncommon in these type of ads. She is not a woman, she is a child, and she should not be passive or forced to be silent. It is meant to look “edgy and dark”, with the suggestion of sexual attraction to a young child. Creepy much?

Photo from Roger Davids!

As a society, we have normalized seeing sexualized images everywhere. But is this okay? It may sound extreme, but in a way, these images are pedophilia. We need to protect our children instead of exploiting them. Visit collectiveshout to join their campaign for protecting women and stopping this kind of objectification!

What do you think about this? Comment below and let me know!

Valeria Lukyanova: Russian 21 year old uses Plastic Surgery and Cosmetics to look like a Barbie

This past weekend, I was searching the web, and I came across something very strange. 21 year old Valeria Lukyanova, a famous Russian model, has gone through various surgeries and cosmetic treatments to look EXACTLY like a barbie doll. Her proportions are so unrealistic it is almost impossible to believe she is a real person. Here are some pictures of Valeria:

Photos from Google Images!

To me, this is disturbing. Why would someone take such extreme measures as to want to look EXACTLY like barbie? I think it is a reflection of the poor ideas of beauty portrayed in the media and the negative body image perpetuated through almost all media and institutional reinforcement. It’s sad that people are so unhappy with themselves they feel the need to do something like this. What do you think about it? Comment below and let me know!

Billabong makes a positive change!

In February, a petition was signed for Bo Stanley, to show that she deserves respect “based on her surfing and not her bikini size”. According to the petition, “Bo does not fit the Billabong bikini and clothing sample size 3, Bo does not receive the same amount of opportunity or support from Billabong. When it comes to modeling on their website or catalog Bo has been told that they think she is beautiful but unless she fits a size 3 she wont be featured.” The petition changed this, and now Bo has her own gallery! It is great that more companies are starting to recognize that the majority of women ARE bigger than a size 3, and there is nothing wrong with that! I think that when companies only use models who are unrealistically thin, it reinforces negative body images. It also manipulates the audience into buying more, because it makes us feel as if we need to “fix” ourselves. That we need to buy more and buy more to make ourselves look better. We are not broken, we do not need to be fixed. Although fashion is not a huge focus of mine, I do think it is positive to see this brand opening up to an averaged sized girl, showing  a more accurate representation of your average teen. I think Bo is talented and beautiful!

Photo from Google Images! Comment below and let me know what you think about this! Thanks for reading! (:


Eve Ensler: Suddenly, my body

Eve Ensler is really inspirational to me, as I have mentioned before. She is an activist, feminist, and writer. Yesterday I watched this video and it brought me to tears, so I thought I would share.

If you like this, you will probably like her website and some of her other videos. In particular, Embrace your inner girl. 


I hope you liked this! Comment below and let me know what you think!

Photo of Eve from Google Images!

This is strike 3, Kate Upton!

Many of you may have seen the video I posted a while back about Kate Upton and how she appeared on a ridiculous Carls Junior commercial, in which she was objectified to sell the food.

Next, she appeared in ANOTHER commercial! This time, its  DIRECTTV commercial, and in this one, she is sexualized and objectified as well. To me, this one is even worse than the first one!

What is this? Really? Using a woman’s body to make money on Tv? I think this is horrible.

But then, Kate Upton strikes AGAIN! This time, the truth is revealed that a photo of her featured in Sports Illustrated was photoshopped! Read the whole article here.

I understand Kate Upton is doing this for money, but I don’t get why someone would objectify themself in this way! Its not as much her fault as it in the advertising industry. It sends such unhealthy messages to people of all ages who watch Tv. What do you think about this? Comment below and let me know!