Billabong makes a positive change!

In February, a petition was signed for Bo Stanley, to show that she deserves respect “based on her surfing and not her bikini size”. According to the petition, “Bo does not fit the Billabong bikini and clothing sample size 3, Bo does not receive the same amount of opportunity or support from Billabong. When it comes to modeling on their website or catalog Bo has been told that they think she is beautiful but unless she fits a size 3 she wont be featured.” The petition changed this, and now Bo has her own gallery! It is great that more companies are starting to recognize that the majority of women ARE bigger than a size 3, and there is nothing wrong with that! I think that when companies only use models who are unrealistically thin, it reinforces negative body images. It also manipulates the audience into buying more, because it makes us feel as if we need to “fix” ourselves. That we need to buy more and buy more to make ourselves look better. We are not broken, we do not need to be fixed. Although fashion is not a huge focus of mine, I do think it is positive to see this brand opening up to an averaged sized girl, showing  a more accurate representation of your average teen. I think Bo is talented and beautiful!

Photo from Google Images! Comment below and let me know what you think about this! Thanks for reading! (:



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