Statistics and my Ananlysis of Them

I received these statistics at a group I attend called “Building Healthy Relationships.” The statistics are from the “What is LOVE” Domestic Violence Solutions.

1. 70% of pregnant and parenting teens nationwide expirience dating violence.

My analysis:

  • The abusive partner believes that they can get away with abuse since they are in the process, or are already raising a child with their significant other.
  • Having a child is causing stress and anger.

2. 1 in 6 women have expirienced an attempted or completed rape.

My analysis:

  • Rape can be caused by insitutional tolerance.
  • Misogny and sexism.
  • Internalized misogny and patriarchy.
  • Patriachal society in general ( when referring to hererosexual relationships.)
  • The rapist wants power.
  • They are doing it to make themselves feel better.

3. 33% of men have experienced an attempted or completed rape.

My analysis:

  • Maybe less men are raped than women because of gender roles, women are expected to be “weak and submissive.”
  • Men don’t report rape as often because of pride or embarassment.

4. 30% of teens have said that their partner had contacted them via cell phone or text messages to constantly check in on them, harass, or ask them to engage in sexual activity.

My analysis:

  • It is common for someone who is insecure to worry about their partner, but sometimes people take it a bit to far with the obsessive social engagement.
  • It is easier to harass someone via internet/phone.

5. 50% of people who have been raped have also attempted suicide.

My analysis:

  • Sexual abuse makes people feel extremley insecure and it can lead to self-hate.
  • People who have been raped are more likely to feel depressed and worthless.
  • They felt like the rape was their fault.
  • They couldn’t bare the pain of remembering what happened.

6. 57% of teens of teens have known sexually, verbally, or physically abused in a relationship.

My analysis:

  • Many teens experience abusive relationships/dating violence because they don’t realize what it is happening to them in the moment.
  • Many teens don’t realize what is deserved in a healthy relationship.

7. 25 to 33% of LGBT relationships are abusive, which is about the same as heterosexual relationships.

My analysis:

  • Abuse can happen in ANY kind of relationship, it doesn’t have to be a relationship between a girl and a guy.

I found these statistics shocking, and extremely sad. What do you think about them? Were you surpised? Comment below and let me know!


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