RIP Humanity

Sometimes thats how i feel. That there is no hope and everything sucks. I know that as an activist, that is not a very good attitude to have, but sometimes people are so ignorant, and so disrespectful that I can’t even comprehend it. Yesterday, I watched the C’est La Vie video, and that made me super angry, and now this. What is the world coming to?

A woman who owns the page: Telling Women to smile is sexist on facebook, posted this:

“I want everyone to read something I just wrote to a person who identifies as a trans woman:

You can’t go outside without being harrassed? Why is that? Is that because of feminists or radical feminists or women in general? No. We’re not the ones harrassing you. Who is harrassing you? I bet it’s mostly men. Even to the extent that some women might look at you funny, it’s because of patriarchy and patriarchal social conditioning. More to the point, it’s because of misogyny. Under patriarchy, a man must not be “effeminate” because that wouldn’t be manly, and a woman must not be “masculine” because she doesn’t have the right to lay claim to male privilege.

I’m not the one who called you a sissy boy. Radical feminists are not the ones who called you a sissy boy. You must have us confused with somebody else. In fact, you seem to have radical feminism confused with patriarchy, and that is a major confusion indeed.

In some middle eastern countries like Iran, men who are gay and/or effeminate are actually being diagnosed as “transgendered” and FORCED into having sex reassignment surgery, because the fundamentalist Muslim clerics have decided that it’s OK to get a sex change but it’s not OK to be an effeminate man. And you’re letting them do the same thing to you here in the West. Only they didn’t have to force you. All they had to do was brainwash you.

You can’t go anywhere without being harrassed? You’re afraid for your safety? Well then, maybe now you really do know how it feels to be a woman. And considering the fact that this is what life is like for women under patriarchy, and that there have been *many* recorded cases of men, some who identify as trans and some who don’t, dressing up like women to perv on women in the women’s bathroom–that’s the reason why many women, both feminist and non-feminist, do not feel comfortable with biological males coming into the ladie’s room. And if you actually were a woman, then maybe you would have just the tiniest bit of respect for that.

If you’ve a problem with patriarchy, take it up with the patriarchy, NOT ME. Leave my territory alone.

I’d like to add:

And STOP calling me names like transphobe, cissexist, etc, etc. I was BORN a female, so have some sympathry for ME, for the love of fuck. And stay out of my bathroom. Have some respect. Use all that feminine femininity you claim to have to develop some things like empathy, compassion, and oh, I don’t know, respect for women maybe.”

Okay, so I somewhat understand her point. BUT, she is basically saying that trans women are not really women. And she calls herself a feminist? That is a horrible representation. Trans women don’t choose to be trans to creep on other women, they are trans because their body and mind do not match. Not recognizing someone’s gender identity and perceiving them as their biological sex is close-minded and disrespectful. I was shocked to read this, especially a feminist. Shes saying that she was BORN a woman, so women who weren’t born female-bodied are not real women? People make me so mad sometimes. This really gets to me, because I have friends that are trans women, and they are GIRLS. Maybe if people were more educated about gender identity, crap like this wouldn’t happen.

Any thoughts? Comment below!


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