My problem with Aerie

As many of you may know, Aerie is a popular store targetted towards young women to purchase lingerie, accessories, and clothing. Today, I walked inside of Aerie because I was looking for a bathing suit. As I was walking around, I noticed something. Most of the photos around the store of Aerie models were of white, skinny girls. I wasn’t exactly surprised, but it was just a reminder as to how little diversity there seems to be in the advertising, cosmetic, and clothing industry. The message it sounds out to young women is that you must look the way the models do  to look good in the bra, shirt, or whatever the piece of clothing may be. Here are some photos from Aerie:

These photos disgust me. Not only are they ridiculously photoshopped, but all the girls are so skinny. Its not out of the ordinairy to see models that look like this, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less! It promotes negative body image to those who are not as skinny as the models above. What do you think? Comment below and let me know!

Photos from: The Aerie Facebook Page


Go Organic!

Why Go Organic? Because:

  • Its healthy! Organic foods contain higher levels of vitamin C!
  • Organic food doesn’t have any additives that cause serious health problems.
  • Most organic food avoids pesticides!
  • No genetic modification!
  • It is Eco-friendly! Organic farming is better for the enviorment!
  • Local farms need your support!

Do you eat Organic Foods? Why or why not? Comment below and let me know!

Quote of the day by: Michael Ellner

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroys information, and religion destroys spirituality.”  – Michael Ellner

What do you think about this quote? Do you agree? Disagree? Comment below and let me know!

Photo from Google Images!

Secrets Kony 2012 is desperate to hide

This video is shocking. So many people are pro Kony 2012 without realizing what they are REALLY supporting! Check out this video:

After watching this video, what do you think about Kony 2012? Comment below and let me know!

The Westboro Baptist Church

I have heard SO many things about this church, and I just read an article about it that shocked me. Rush Limbaugh, an American radio talk show host, political commentator, and an opinion leader for American conservatives (according to wikipedia), is a part of this church. During one of his programs, he said, ”

“If you wear a dress that is strapless with a brassiere that isn’t, you might be a slut,” 

“If you are an anchor bimbo for Fox News and your name is Kelly or Julie, you might be a slut.”

“If you think it’s OK to have sex with men outside the marriage bed, you might be a slut,” the commercial continues. “And if you fornicate your brains out and you think the government ought to pay to kill your baby, well, sounds like a slut to me — and God hates sluts.”

So, what ever happened to “God is love?”. I have a problem with the previous statements for various reasons. Here are some of them.

  • For one thing, I don’t believe sluts exists. I believe people can be sexually liberated. People can have  a lot of sex, or show a lot of skin, but thats their own choice, and they don’t deserve to be labeled a “slut” for it. People can do whatever they want.
  • People should be able to dress however they are comfortable without being put down for it. Dressing is a personal matter and it is no one elses buisness.
  • Sex is also a personal matter. Whats wrong with having sex outside of the marriage bed? Just do what makes you happy, jeez.
  • So, if you get an abortion your a slut? Umm, how does that even make sense? For one thing, every person should have the right to make the decision they want to, it is not “murder” and for another thing, how does getting pregnant and than not being able to keep the child make someone a slut? It can happen to anyone.

This isn’t the only thing about Westbouro Baptist Church, check out these videos!

What do you think? Comment below and let me know!


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Rape is NEVER funny

I notice that a lot of people seem to joke around about rape nowadays, which isn’t okay AT ALL. I hear people say things like “Haha your totally raping me right now!” and things of that sort. Here are the main reasons I believe rape jokes are horrible and innipropriate:

  • According to UCR (the FBI’s crime stats), there were 92,455 rapes in the US in 2006. 1 in 6 women have been raped, and 33% of men. That means that you most likely know someone who has been sexually assaulted. Telling jokes about rape can bring up horrible memories for people, and you never know who you are hurting.
  • Rape is not a funny joke, it is a violent crime that happens every 2 minutes in the US. Even if you are not around anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault, it is still offensive to many people to joke about such a serious matter.
  • Talking about such a heavy subject in such a funny, light way makes it seem like its no big deal. The reality of it is, it’s a REALLY big deal, and it should be treated like it is.
  • It’s just common sense that traumitizing, stealing, and forcing another human being into something is NOT funny. Is it funny when people die? No. Is it funny when someone gets kidnapped? No. Its the same kind of thing. Should people think its funny when someone is raped, or someone tells a joke about being raped? No.
  • Making jokes about rape and how the person “wanted it” or “deserved it”, is fucked up. Not to mention it can make people who are victims of sexual assault feel like it was their fault.

I know when people say things like this, they are kidding. But in my opinion, it is not funny. Rape is a serious, sad problem. Please have some consideration and respect, don’t joke around about things like this! What do you think about Rape jokes? Comment below and let me know!

Photo from Google images.