Have you ever noticed..?

In many fashion magazines for young women such as “seventeen” and “vogue” there are tips about body acceptance. Does anyone else find it a bit contradicting that in the same magazines, dieting and exercising is promoted as well? Yes, it is always a plus to be healthy, but dieting keeps your body from receiving the proper nutrience it needs. Also, when all the featured women in the magazine are stick-skinny, it isn’t exactly encouraging. In seventeen, I have seen it several times. There will be an article about accepting and loving yourself and your body, but the clothes for “full-figured” girls are far less revealing or tight. How does that help bigger girls accept themselves? Covering up your body rather than highlighting your fat thighs or round tummy isn’t going to help you feel confident. It is almost making the assumption that larger girls don’t feel comfortable in tight clothing, and don’t advertise it towards them. Images like the one below are targetted towards extremly skinny girls. These types of bathing suits are rarely, if ever, shown on an average -sized girl. Images from Google Images(:

These kind of bathing suits are targetted towards “bigger” girls.

What do you think about this? Do you agree? Disagree? Comment below and let me know what you think(:


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