How we notice it-Sexism

First of all, what is sexism? Sexism  is a system of advantage based on sex and reinforced and maintained through a complex system of gender role conditioning that privileges males and targets females. The cultural, institutional, and individual beliefs and practices that privilege men, subordinate women, and denigrate women-identified values, roles, and femininity in general.

At the camp I went to, CLI, which focused on issues of oppression, we talked about how we see sexism play out.

How sexism plays out at school

  • In PE, usually the teachers split up the boys and the girls to play against eachother, and they assume the guys will always be better. This is sexist, not to mention it leaves out folks of other various gender identities.
  • The whistling and degrading comments in the halls we hear at schools, generally targetted towards female-identified people.

How sexism plays out in the community

  • Girls feeling unsafe outside of their home. I have personal expirience with this, once I was followed home by a man in a truck.
  • Men getting more job oppurtunity.
  • Whistling, degrading comments, and harassment towards women and trans folks.

How sexism plays out at CLI (The camp i went to)

  • Men saying comments about women’s bodies.
  • Derogatory terms like “bitch” and “slut” are used.

What YOU can do to stop sexism, in small ways:

  • When you hear someone say a word like “bitch” or “slut” tell them it is offensive! If you want more information, watch my video “Bitches and Sluts, etc”.
  • Try your best to cut sexist language out of your vocabulary.
  • Stop saying “you guys” and say “you all”!
  • Don’t listen to music that reinforces sexist beliefs.
  • If you hear someone talking about a woman, or someone of another gender identity in a degrading way, explain to them why its wrong and tell them to stop.

If you have any expiriences with sexism, e-mail me or comment below! Thanks (:

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