I am beautiful

This is the third submitted piece, a poem about self-acceptance by a transgender woman.

I am Beautiful

By: T. Swan

I am beautiful

I won’t believe otherwise

Nor be swayed by their lies

I have a will of my own

This woman has grown

I don’t care what they say

I will have a great day

I look in the mirror and see myself

Without any riches, without any wealth

But I’m happy being me

Because that is who I see

My soul is old, yet my style is bold

And if I am told that I am cold

I know that it’s untrue

So it cannot make me blue

My body and mind are entwined

I’m a girl who’s worth the world

Special today is soup

But you’re special every day

Are you now in the loop?

Your anxieties at bay

Unmitigated freedom

It’s your time to lead them

The ugly people, beautiful in the light of realization

And their new lives bring them immaculate elation

Bra strap digging

My sail’s rigging

I must fly my flag

But there’s no drag

In having this gift

So I hitch a lift

To somewhere greater

See you all later

My features change

But it’s not strange

It’s me as I am

Can’t you understand?

Caterpillar grown

Blackbird has flown

All of us go through this

Transcendence, change, bliss

Scary at first

But stagnating is worse

Do you comprehend now?

I hope you see how

I live my life

Despite my strife

So that you can, too


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