Cycle of Socialization

In some of my posts, I might refer to the cycle of socialization. Some people might wonder, what is the cycle of socialization? It is the cycle we are born into by society, and in my opinion, we should break it. It is the cycle of consumerism, hate, sexism, racism, etc we are generally born into, by seeing it everywhere around us.

In the Beginning- we are born into it

  • No blame or guilt
  • No information or misinformation
  • No prejudice or history

When we are BORN, we haven’t yet formed our own opinions and ideas.

1rst Socialization

  • What we are taught by our parents
  • What we learn at school
  • What we learn from people we love and trust

Not everyone grows up around negative morals and ideas, but i would say, generally speaking, most of the messages we get from society in general are not healthy or open-minded.

Institutional Socialization

  • reinforced by:
  • Church
  • School
  • Tv
  • Law
  • Language
  • The media

Next is, Enforced rewards and punishment- meaning, the enforcement.

the Result of the cycle can be:

  • Silence
  • Self-hatred
  • Collusion
  • Anger
  • Violence

Why? When people are raised thinking there is something wrong with them, and believing that there is only one way to be, it can make them sad, angry, and insecure.


  • Do nothing and promote the status quo OR
  • Change , interrupt, and reframe the cycle.

The core of the cycle is:

  • Fear
  • Ignorance
  • Guilt


How? Change your culture by changing your mind. Most of the things you can do to break the cycle are mental. You have to catch yourself when you are generalizing, perpetuating stereotypes, or judging someone. What you SURROUND yourself with is important as well. The shows you watch, the people your around, and the magazines you buy can have a big impact on how you think! I know this is a bit vague, but I will be writing more articles on this topic soon! Thanks (:


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