A L’Oreal poem

This is a poem I wrote about a time in my life. I thought that writing this might help me with the healing process. I haven’t come up  with a title for it yet!

In the beginning

It wasn’t so bad.

An unwanted touch.

Thats normal..


I lost all control as he put his hands on me.

But what can I do?

I’m just a girl, anyway.

His hand down my pants..

I said no, but he did it anyways.

I hear the words “slut, bitch, ugly, whore”

but the days go on and things don’t seem to change.

I struggle to find words.

I am powerless. Alone. Manipulated.

“I don’t like it when you wear that”

“Your annoying me”

These are the words I hear.

I am put down by his power.

Any chance to escape fails.

I’m stuck.

But finally, after months, I find the strength to leave.

To let go.

To stand up for myself for once and say I don’t deserve to be treated this way.

And now?

Its been 2 years.

But the memories eat away at me.

They sit in the back of my mind.

But once again, what can I do?

For I am powerless, compared to you.

I wrote this poem months ago, but my views have definitely changed since than, in a good way. I know i am not powerless! I am hoping to write a poem soon about how I feel about it now! Thanks!


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