Occupy Festival!

Today, the Occupy Festival occurred. It was a festival in celebration of the Occupy movement and the resistance to corporate rule for 4 months! It was awesome! There was a free market, live music and performances, workshops, free food, face painting, art, and more. It was at De la Guerra plaza! I got there around 12:00 and started looking around.

This is a picture of the festival when I first got there (:

Here are some more pictures I took throughout the day of things that I thought were cool at the festival (:

So true

This is some chalk art people did on the sidewalk (:

This is a free zine I got!

I also got 2 free patches:

I also got 2 free shirts, a bracelet, and lots of posters and pamphlets! At about 1:30 I attended a workshop about Cultural Appropration, so that was really interesting. If any of you don’t know what it is, Cultural appropriation is the adoption of some specific elements of one culture by a different cultural group. It describes acculturation or assimilation , but can imply a negative view towards acculturation from a minority culture by a dominant culture. It can include the introduction of forms of dress or personal adornment, music and art, religion,dress, or social behavior. We talked about how certain halloween costumes are offensive. We also talked about clothing which imitates the clothing of a specific culture, when the person wearing the clothing knows nothing about the culture. To learn more about this issue, go to:

Overall, the festival was awesome! It brought people together and educated us as well. I had a lot of fun, and if there is ever another one I will let ya’ll know! Thanks (:


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