Body Acceptance

As many of you may know, most of the women in the media are unrealistically skinny. This causes unattainable beauty standards for girls everywhere. Most of those models have eating disorders, and lead very unhealthy lives. Many girls develop eating disorders and low self esteem due to these kind of images. We internalize the idea that there is only ONE way to be beautiful. In my opinion, this is false. All bodies are beautiful. So I’m writing this to give some ideas of how to accept yourself and surround yourself with positive messages. Some of these ideas have worked for me, so maybe they will work for you to.

  • Stop buying magazines like Seventeen and Vogue if you know it makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • Remind yourself that size 14 is average for a women in the US, and being a size 0 is unrealistic.
  • Make a collage of plus-size models to put in your room, to remind you that being skinny isn’t the only way to be beautiful.
  • Go to the Daily Fatspiration Tumblr, it has a lot of great messages!
  • Stay away from pro-eating disorder sites.
  • Surround yourself with accepting people that value you for who you are.
  • Wear clothes that you like, even if people think they only look good on a certain type of body.
  • Watch the video “Thick Chicks” by Tamara Blue.

Here are some quotes, phrases, sayings, and ideas that I found on the Fatspiration Tumblr that I love!

  • “Chubby doesn’t mean adding extra layers of clothing”
  • “When you allow others to dictate what decisions you make regarding your body, you lose personal autonomy. Autonomy<Conformity.”
  • “Don’t buy into the notion that you must look a certain way to be accepted. Embrace yourself and surround yourself with positive people.”
  • “Change your culture by changing your mind, and letting your body be.”
  • “People who don’t want to hangout with you or date you because of your body are shallow and they are not worth your time.”
  • “Its never about how much you weigh. Its about how you feel.”

These are just a few of my favorites. I know that self acceptance is very difficult, and it doesn’t happen over night! For me, I do all these things, and I still don’t fully accept themselves. These are just some things that have helped me out when I’m feeling down, and maybe it will do the same for you! Remember that there are lots of ways to be beautiful!

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4 thoughts on “Body Acceptance

  1. I got what you intend, regards for putting up.Woh I am thankful to find this website through google. “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” by Seneca.

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