Education about Identities!

I am writing this post to educate people about gender identity. After my last post, I realized that some people may not be familiar with the terms I used, so I will be defining some of those words!

  • GenderQueer/Gender Fluid: A person who identifies as GenderQueer or Gender Fluid moves between genders. This means that some days, they may identify as a girl, sometimes a boy, maybe neither, or maybe both.
  • Transgender: An individual who identifies as Transgender is someone who was born in a “boys” body, but they identify as a girl, or vice versa. Remember to use the preferred pronouns. Respect the persons identity!
  • Gender Neautral/Genderless: Being gender neutral means that you do not identify as any gender. You are neautral.
  • Intersex: People that are intersex were born with “mixed” parts. For example, a person that is intersex might be born with breasts, and a penis. Intersex people are more commonly known as “Hermaphrodites”, but this term is offensive and should not be used.
  • Gender non-conforming: A term for people whose gender expression is different from societal expectations of gender.
  • Gender Questioning: If someone is Gender Questioning, it means they are not yet sure of their identity.
  • Transexual: If someone is Transexual, it means they have undergone a sex change operation.



5 thoughts on “Education about Identities!

  1. I’m writing a science fiction story that includes genderless characters. I wonder about this: if a person is genderless then how might they prefer to be talked about….”he is genderless”, “she is genderless”, “? is genderless”. I’ve been using “thon” as a personal pronoun, but the Google search engine finds nothing for “thon is genderless”.

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