Groundbreaking news for the LGBTQQA community!

The ninth circuit has just ruled that proposition 8, the California marriage amendment, is unconstitutional. For those of you who do not know what prop 8 is, it is the law in place that makes it so that gay couples cannot get married, but heterosexual couples can. This is great news, because now there is a greater chance of gay marriage being legalized. It shows that we are getting closer to gaining our rights! Love is a personal matter, not something the goverment should be able to control. This is a big step for the LGBTQQA community, and for me personally, it’s motivating! The fact that more and more people are becoming educated about same-sex relationships makes me want to reach out and do all that I can. In the past few years, the LGBTQQA community has been getting a lot more publicity. For example, there was a character,Adam, a transgendered boy, on the popular teenage show Degrassi. Another example is the character Emily, on Pretty little liars, who is lesbian. In an interview, she said “I get feedback from people from all around the world.Young girls and guys just come up to me on the street and say things like, ‘Thank you, I related to your character unlike any other, especially when she was first discovering who she was and then come out to her dad—it gave me courage and strength to come out to my parents.’ That’s amazing, I couldn’t imagine playing a better character. I am very fortunate.” In my opinion, it is becoming more socially acceptable than it used to be to be gay. I think we are making great progress, and I will follow up with an update on the 9th circuit!


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